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3D Video Production | Video Production | Graphic Design | Social Media Management | Paid Media Amplification

TerraBloom is based in California, USA and its focus has always been delivering the highest quality and energy efficient products in Home Improvement and HVAC. High quality, long lasting, energy efficient. 


As their main revenue channel was Amazon, we were engaged on the following services: 

  • Development and production of 3D videos to showcase their products to enhance communications on their sales channel

  • Development and production of video tutorials 

  • Development and execution of social media content strategy to drive reach and growth 

  • Development and execution of paid media amplification through Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to their e-commerce site, 



Over a 3-month campaign, we gathered over 4M in social media impressions and reach, and increase sales conversion by 10% in the US market. Additionally, with the two main social media channels as the top referral sources to the e-commerce site,

Nomadic Collective continues to support TerraBloom with 3D video production. 

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