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Tropika Festival 2019





Born out of Singapore, Tropika is a gathering of minds, music and morals; an interdisciplinary initiative where global rhythms mix with societal issues. With aim to promote mindfulness on inclusivity, sustainability and wellness, each event is carefully curated to consciously explore the key themes of Tropika. From live music performances to DJ acts, film to art, and panel discussions to interviews, the goal is to provide sonic and mental stimulation in the hopes of creating better communities.

Nomadic Collective worked with Singapore-born, Berlin-based artist Reza Hasni to develop and execute a brand identity for Tropika, a new music collective. Our team provided the following services:

  • Brand identity development and execution

  • Marketing and PR strategy development and execution

  • Events planning for Tropika's first two events in Singapore

The brand identity we created with Reza Hasni features a modern Ying & Yang symbol that represents balance, reflecting Tropika's holistic approach to wellness. Additionally, Reza's art interpretation of Tropika was used in the event posters and flags, adding a unique and visually stunning touch to the brand's launch in Singapore.

300,000 reach
350,000 impressions
S$50,000 in ad value
S$150,000 in PR value

Tropika Festival 2019
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