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Murder by Mandai Camp

Sight Lines Entertainment




Sight Lines Entertainment started as a theatre company in Singapore producing both local and international works including Lord of the Flies and Everything but the Brain. Since 2020, the company has evolved to produce on-demand in-demand digital immersive theatrical experiences incorporating 360 degrees VR cameras, AR technology and choice-based narrative capabilities.


Sight Lines Entertainment engaged us for media outreach and partnerships across three innovative projects in 2020: Murder at Mandai Camp (Singapore’s first Zoom interactive live theatrical production), its virtual horror escape room sequel The Case Reopens, and The Future Stage - Asia's first interactive 360° live stream technology. We crafted story angles that positioned Sight Lines as a pioneer in the arts and theatre circle and highlighted the first-of-its-kind experience offered by each production. Our efforts for Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens generated impressive results:

8 million impressions
S$130,000 ad value
$390,000 PR value
Murder by Mandai Camp
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