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Freedom Gym Launch

Freedom Gym




Freedom Gym is the brainchild of James Koh Jiuh Wey and Alex Liu Chang, who wanted to create Singapore's first state-of-the-art fitness playground to empower freelance personal trainers and clients in their fitness journeys. With a one-stop gym concept and a F&B collaboration with Wafuken, Singapore's first sous vide-themed restaurant for nutrition, Freedom Gym is revolutionising the fitness scene.

To raise brand awareness, Nomadic Collective acted as the press office and managed media relations and influencer outreach for a 3-month campaign. Our services included:

  • Creating and distributing press releases and media kits

  • Pitching stories to secure interviews and features

  • Coordinating media attendance at launch and post-launch sessions

As a result, we secured 45 pieces of coverage across digital news sites and social media, achieving over S$71,000 in media value and an estimated 1 million lifetime views and 1.6 million impressions.

Freedom Gym Launch
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