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Mandala Club presents Mirazur

Social Media Management | Paid Media Amplification | Traffic Management

Launched in May 2021 and for the first time in Southeast Asia, the world's best restaurant, Mirazur took over the ground floor space at Mandala Club and offered guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the exceptional cuisine. This dynamic restaurant project cements Singapore's ongoing status as a global hub for gastronomy and also lays the path for future world-class experiences to come for Mandala Club (that was unveiled in late summer of 2021). 


Nomadic Collective were engaged to support in the overall digital marketing efforts which comprises of: 

  • Development and execution of their overall digital marketing strategy for social media, email marketing and paid media amplification ​​

  • Coordination of design traffic planning to ensure all communication designs are fulfilled within deadlines and executed in accordance to vision

  • Coordination of photography and video production for social media content and supported in negotiation of rates


While the campaign was affected by the global pandemic in 2021, the Mirazur residency was extended by a month: 


  • We garnered over 8.9 million social media impressions

  • Over 9 million social media reach

  • Over 63,000 unique website pageviews

  • Achieved a total take-up rate of 100%

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