Fukui Singapore

Public Relations | Digital Marketing | Website Design & Development 

Opened in March 2021, Fukui is a hospitality-driven omakase concept by sisters Emilia and Eugenia Tan. Helmed by Head Chef Nick Pa’an, the restaurant pays homage to the culinary traditions of Japan and its coastal prefecture of Fukui. Flowing with the seasons, the menu refreshes monthly to showcase Japanese produce at its peak, culminating in an exclusive dining experience that invites patrons into a special corner of Japan.


For the launch of FUKUI, we created the restaurant’s website and developed a digital marketing strategy based on organic growth and engagement which saw a steady growth of 1115% in followers and 5428% in social media reach. The three-month PR campaign achieved over S$150,000 in media value across print, digital, and radio, and five million social media impressions. Engines that drove the media outreach include pitching personality profiles of the founders and the head chef, capitalising on the local appetite for Japanese cuisine for features, as well as inviting media and influencers down to experience the restaurant’s exclusive offerings.